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2015 | January-April | Volume 9 | Issue 1


Shibal Bhartiya, Tarek Shaarawy, Tanuj Dada


[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:1] [Pages No:0 - 0]

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jocgp-9-1-vii  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Joana Ferreira, Fernando Fernandes, Madalena Patricio, Ana Brás, Cristina Rios, Ingeborg Stalmans, Luís Abegão Pinto

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on Blebs Morphology of Ahmed Valves

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:5] [Pages No:1 - 5]

Keywords: Glaucoma, Intraocular pressure, Bleb morphology, Ahmed valve, Magnetic resonance imaging

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1174  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Oscar Albis-Donado, Carmen C Sánchez-Noguera, Lorena Cárdenas-Gómez, Rafael Castaneda-Diez, Ravi Thomas, Félix Gil-Carrasco

Achieving Target Pressures with Combined Surgery: Primary Patchless Ahmed Valve Combined with Phacoemulsification vs Primary Phacotrabeculectomy

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:6] [Pages No:6 - 11]

Keywords: Phacoemulsification, Cataract, Glaucoma, Ahmed valve, Trabeculectomy, Combined surgery, Target pressure

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1175  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Steven Yun, Brian Chua, Colin I Clement

Does Chronic Hypotony following Trabeculectomy Represent Treatment Failure?

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:12 - 15]

Keywords: Intraocular pressure, Glaucoma, Filtration surgery, Choroidal effusion, Hypotensive maculopathy, Cataract

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1176  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Fabio N Kanadani, Carlos R Figueiredo, Rafaela Morais Miranda, Patricia LT Cunha, Tereza Cristina M Kanadani, Syril Dorairaj

Ocular Perfusion Pressure and Pulsatile Ocular Blood Flow in Normal and Systemic Hypertensive Patients

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:16 - 19]

Keywords: Ocular perfusion pressure, Pulsatile ocular blood flow, Glaucoma

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1177  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Parul Ichhpujani

Diurnal Intraocular Pressure Fluctuation in Eyes with Angle-closure

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:20 - 23]

Keywords: Intraocular pressure, Angle-closure glaucoma, Diurnal variation

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1178  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Parul Ichhpujani, Tanuj Dada, Shibal Bhartiya

Biodegradable Collagen Implants in Trabeculectomy

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:24 - 27]

Keywords: Collagen implants, Subconjunctival fibrosis, Trabeculectomy

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1179  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Camille Van Mierlo, Luís Abegão Pinto, Ingeborg Stalmans

Surgical Management of Iatrogenic Pigment Dispersion Glaucoma

[Year:2015] [Month:January-April] [Volume:9] [Number:1] [Pages:5] [Pages No:28 - 32]

Keywords: Pigment dispersion glaucoma, Iris chafing, IOL-exchange

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10008-1180  |  Open Access |  How to cite

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